Multiple websites and agents

Netrox SC live chat software features which help working in groups and/or with multiple websites.

Incoming chat request queue

The Netrox live chat system is equipped with a smart system for distributing incoming chat request by agents depending on their load. You can use various queue setting options. By assigning different priority levels to operators, you can create several customer support lines.

Inter-agent chat

It is often the case that an operator wants to send another operator certain information that should not be available to the visitor being chatted with. In this case, inter-operator chat comes in handy. Operators can exchange instant messages hidden from the visitor's eye right in the live chat widget and without the need to resort to other communication tools.


A unique ability allowing operators or supervisors to gain access to an ongoing chat with two mouse clicks, without an invitation or a switch from the operator who had initiated the chat. This means that any number of operators can talk to a single user or follow their chat.


Group operators by departments to simplify visitor service. Using departments you can divide the incoming call flow and expedite the visitor's connection to the required expert. Visitor calls in this case can be redirected not only to an individual operator but also to a selected department.

Operating Hours

The hours of operator presence on the site can be set by weekday. Supports the ability to create any number of breaks throughout the day. The system monitors unfinished dialogue between visitors and operators even when the working hours of your managers have passed. The system also allows to log in during off hours and send a message to any visitor while appearing offline to the other visitors.

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