Chat resuming

Chat resuming

The technology allows retaining the messages written with the operator offline and quickly inform the visitor when an active operator connects. 

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Predominantly, in live chat software the visitor cannot ever be sure if the operator is online and is ready to respond to questions. To find out the actual operator status following a period of inactivity while on a website, the visitor will need to refresh the site page in the browser. There is no need to do that in Netrox. From time to time the widget automatically checks if the operator is online even if there is no activity on the site visitor's part. In practice it means that the widget always relays current information about the operator. If from the get-go the visitor types the text in the online form but the operator leaves the network for some reason, the visitor will notice that instantaneously due to the chat's online window changing to offline "on the fly". Inversely, the text that is being typed by the visitor in the offline form will be moved to the online form once the operator goes online.

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