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Additional fields and the operator's ability to customize them from the chat window are set by the system administrator.
This function allows to enter any additional information about your site's visitors in the pre-made table fields.
Using this mechanism you can assign various categories to the visitor. Further on all information can be forwarded to third-party programs in the most systematized form.

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All the data introduced will be reflected in the reports of the live chat system. Netrox will enable you to control the filling of the mandatory fields and will not let you close the chat without the operator's entering of the required information.
This will positively affect the relevance of the customer data and is especially important for the companies that want to accumulate all the information in their internal filing systems.
- editing of permitted fields on the operator's site (name, phone, email and so on)
- controlled filling of mandatory fields upon exiting the chat
- assignment of custom categories to list boxes (For instance, "target customer"/"non-target customer"; "large"/"medium"/"small"; "prospect"/"cold prospect")
- ability to view the introduced information in reports and search by field.

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January 12,2016
Improved the integration with third-party systems

There was an additional opportunity to initiate a request from a live chat to the remote third-party system by the agent inputs the event to chat, and replenished the list of system variables are available for use in forming queries.

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August 25,2015
Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika.

Refinement of integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika. Forwarding of data from the live chat system into popular website analysis systems.

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June 26,2015
amoCRM integration

The Netrox SC live chat software can be easily coupled with amoCRM using the remote system integration function.

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February 27,2015
Visitor field editor

A step toward full-scale integration with third-party systems. One of the most important advantages of the Netrox live chat software is its unsurpassed capabilities in fine-tuning the system. That includes full control of the design layout and behavior of the visitor's chat widget, the open API and flexible assignment of site access rights, the system user roles, the distribution of calls with account for the support line priorities and the recently introduced function of the site operator work schedule.

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January 31,2014
Capability enhancement for the Netrox SC API

New API extension. Now users and websites can be created and deleted through the API.

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October 18,2013
API for CRM systems integration

There is an API available for sending information about the chats into CRM systems or other third-party systems.

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