Real-time visitor list

Real-time visitor monitoring is one of the main features of the Netrox live chat software. At any given moment you have access to detailed information about each site visitor. This includes the city, country, IP address, link source, search query, number of viewed pages and current page, full history of visits and the log of earlier chats, screen resolution and info about the visitor's operation system. All this and much more you will see in the visitor list that instantly refreshes in real-time.

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The visitor list reflects what is currently happening on your site. The table refreshes continuously, always displaying the latest data. The list can be quickly sorted by any column.

Status indication

Netrox offers a convenient visual indication system informing of the current state of the chat with a particular visitor. Thanks to the convenient bundling of the first two columns in the table you can easily determine the current chat status (call ongoing, my chat, others' chat, blocked, finished...), as well as who had the "final word" (the last message from you, another operator, visitor or robot). This, along with other functions, simplifies momentary situation analysis, minimizes delays and almost rules out the probability of a missed call.

Gone visitors

If a visitor has gone from the site, the system will illustrate that by making the table row pale. The visitor will remain in this state for some time and then will be completely removed from the list. Gone visitors disappear from the list only if you are not chatting with them. If a chat is open, the visitor will remain in the list until you close it.

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