Customizable chat zone

Customizable chat zone

It is difficult to overestimate the interface work convenience for the chat operator. It most directly affects the efficiency of handling chats, the processing speed and the resulting excess profit from the use of the live chat software. The Netrox SC interface is developed with the idea in mind that the system is used both by small Internet stores with a single consultant and large companies. 

Available for plans

The interface order depends on the consulting organization model, the number of colleagues and finally, the user's personal preferences. Each chat operator can set up the chat area (the live chat software operator interface) as per their own requirements. 

Layout flexibility

All blocks are moved around by dragging & dropping. There are no limitations as to the order of their placement. The dimensions of all interface areas are also easily redistributed by the familiar pulling and dragging at the edge of the area. A particular block (visitor list, operator list, the chat area, the detailed information area) can rate differently on the relevance scale depending on a multitude of factors. For instance, in case of low traffic and an aim on sales, the focus will be on the visitor list displaying a table view of data on the site visitors. The manager will be able to hand-pick interesting visitors and address them with a personalized offer. If, on the other hand, the live chat software is used for user support, the visitor list takes a back seat, while the focus shifts to the chat area and the customer details table, coupled with the history of previous chats, viewed pages and commentary by other operators.

Customizable visitors list

The chat area allows for customization of the visitor list. The list's column order can be changed by dragging, while unneeded columns can be switched off in the settings. Leave visible only the data that is of the most importance to you, and in the order you prefer it in. A wide range of additional parameters for convenient operation lies behind the "three bars"-button of special menus.

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