Canned messages

Canned messages

80% of visitor messages constitute similar questions that repeat daily. In order to significantly increase the manager work efficiency, the process should be automated. The Netrox SC live chat software offers the ability to create an unlimited number of quick message templates. Canned messages radically speed up the chat operator work. Managers can process manifold more visitor calls within the same amount of time.

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Templates in the Netrox live chat are conveniently structured by folder and are composed of personal and corporate ones. Each consultant creates personal canned messages for their own use and they are not available to the rest of the users. In turn, corporate templates are available to all site operators and are set by the system administrator. The flexible interface enables each operator to select the message template type to use: personal, corporate or all at once.

Templates can be sent both directly by selecting from a list and using hot keys. Optionally, you can bring in the function of automatic phase selection from templates based on the text already typed by the operator. The live chat system will suggest all the quick response options containing the phrase entered by the operator.

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