Automatic actions

Automatic actions

Your managers are loaded with work and have no time to follow the visitors' behavior and call them to chat. However, effective work with site visitors is what you want. Automatic functions of Netrox SC is designed to solve this problem and allows to engage a visitor in dialogue without additional actions on the operator's part. Auto-invitations, set up based on a multitude of parameters, will imitate a live operator's conversation lines.

Available for plans

One of the system's most important features are active chat invitations for visitors. The aggregate of flexibly adjustable display scenarios for automatic invitations and well thought-through greeting texts will create a powerful system engaging the site visitors in dialogue. The live chat software can become an active sales tool on your website.

How does it work?

The live chat system allows for filtering your site's visitors based on the scenarios you create. You can target potential customers based on advertising campaigns, search queries, site pages and more than 20 other criteria in any combination. After the system determines that a visitor fits your condition, they will receive a pre-made automatic message.

Full imitation of a real human

Thanks to flexible settings, to your site visitors everything will look as if they received messages from a real manager.

Does not distract your employees 

While the live chat software works on sending automatic invitations to the interesting visitors of the site, your operators can deal with their work without distraction. A call will be directed to a real employee only after the potential customer responds to an automatic message.

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