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Real-time visitor list

Real-time visitor monitoring is one of the main features of the Netrox live chat software. At any given moment you have access to detailed information about each site visitor. This includes the city, country, IP address, link source, search query, number of viewed pages and current page, full history of visits and the log of earlier chats, screen resolution and info about the visitor's operation system. All this and much more you will see in the visitor list that instantly refreshes in real-time.

Manual visitor invitation

Any site visitor from the list can be invited to dialogue without waiting for them to address the operator first. The function is especially useful for smaller sites with low traffic. Use individual approach to each visitor thanks to the information received in the Netrox live chat software. You can open chats with several visitors at once, selecting them in the list by the CTRL+left mouse click key combination.

Visual and sound notifications

Effective notifications about new visitors and their calls are a mandatory element of the business chat software. The Netrox live chat offers flexible notification adjustments for each operator in particular. The sound and visual notifications will be work even if the operator has the browser with the live chat software minimized. Left-clicking the pop-up notification explodes the live chat window and focuses the mouse pointer for beginning or continuing the chat with the site visitor.

Canned messages

80% of visitor messages constitute similar questions that repeat daily. In order to significantly increase the manager work efficiency, the process should be automated. The Netrox SC live chat software offers the ability to create an unlimited number of quick message templates. Canned messages radically speed up the chat operator work. Managers can process manifold more visitor calls within the same amount of time.

Customizable chat zone

It is difficult to overestimate the interface work convenience for the chat operator. It most directly affects the efficiency of handling chats, the processing speed and the resulting excess profit from the use of the live chat software. The Netrox SC interface is developed with the idea in mind that the system is used both by small Internet stores with a single consultant and large companies. 

Hot keys

Chat operators have a range standard combinations for hot key customization that can be used for sending messages and line breaks. Additionally, hot keys for canned messages are customized separately. All settings are strictly individual for each chat operator.

Chat rating

Agents during the chat session can send a “serve request” to assess the quality of advice. The request for estimation may be sent to an agent at any time by selecting the “serve request” button. The visitor will see the serve request of the agent directly in the сhat history field of the visitor's chat window and be able to assess the agent in accordance with the selected scale of satisfaction, or to abandon by the proposal to evaluate the agent advice. In addition, the visitor can enter a comment to your assessment and send this information to the agent. Data on estimates collected reports and can be viewed supervisor to assess the satisfaction of visitors.

Automatic actions

Your managers are loaded with work and have no time to follow the visitors' behavior and call them to chat. However, effective work with site visitors is what you want. Automatic functions of Netrox SC is designed to solve this problem and allows to engage a visitor in dialogue without additional actions on the operator's part. Auto-invitations, set up based on a multitude of parameters, will imitate a live operator's conversation lines.

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