Custom Pre-Chat Form

Custom Pre-Chat Form

The Netrox live chat widget allows using special information fields that help obtain more structured information about the visitor. The presence of required fields will not permit the visitor to begin the chat without filling in custom information.

Available for plans

Requred fields are those without filling which the visitor will not be able to start a chat with you. You can modify the text alerting about the need to fill in a mandatory field, its color, font and more. This ability will enable websites to obtain the required information about the visitor prior to the visitor's call. The function is disableable.

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June 10,2015
Copying and exporting/importing of the chat widget themes

The chat widget theme settings page has been updated! The page has become more concise and we added several useful functions that allow transferring themes from website to website much faster and in a more convenient way.

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May 05,2015
New function: Integration with CRM, Helpdesk and other remote systems.

There is a new powerful function now available in our live chat system! Having previously set up integration with any third-party system in the live chat interface, you can send all information on a chat with one left click or completely automatically.

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July 04,2014
New chat widgets

New chat widgets have been released.

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September 27,2013
Chat widgets can be customized without limitation on the Lite plan

Now there are no limitations as to the chat widget customization for the Lite users. All the powerful options of the layout kit is available on the free plan!

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