Chat widget design

Key Netrox SC features for the unique widget design. Set up the appearance and behavior of the chat widget.

Layout kit

The Netrox chat window designer or layout kit is the universal solution for creating a unique widget for chatting on your site. Over 1000 chat widget settings are available to you without programming involved. The layout kit's capabilities are enough to cover 90% of issues related to chat widget design and behavior on the site. If you require something absolutely unusual, you can upload your own layout code for the chat widget and use the options our API provides.


You can create unlimited number of chat window layout themes. The theme mechanism will enable you to use chat widgets with different layouts even within a single site. Chat widget window design can, in fact, be customized differently for different pages. Layout themes can be quickly copied, imported and exported, with chat window appearance easily modified. The ability to create themes will help you in adapting the widget to sites in foreign languages. Any chat widget texts are easily editable.

Chat widget layout templates

Despite the fact that the motto for our live chat software is adjustability to the maximum, we are aware that many will not want to spend too much time figuring out the vast range of settings in Netrox. For such users we provide the ability to select the chat widget from pre-made layout templates developed by our designers. Nevertheless, any template can be adjusted manually.

3 widget types

Each website requires a custom-tailored approach to its layout. Netrox offers a selection of three chat widget types: slider (by default), pop-up window and site page-embedded window. Based on these main window types you can create a widget with an individual appearance that is limited only by your imagination.

Custom widget

The chat widget layout kit allows not only to create your own design based on pre-made templates but gives you the ability to upload a formatted chat widget with exclusive design. The behavior of the widget on the website can be of any description and is customized using the event handler function.

Live window

The Netrox live chat software widget enables the site visitor to be sure that the operator is online and ready to respond to questions. As opposed to other systems, Netrox monitors operator presence in real time and without the visitor's refreshing of the page. 

Custom Pre-Chat Form

The Netrox live chat widget allows using special information fields that help obtain more structured information about the visitor. The presence of required fields will not permit the visitor to begin the chat without filling in custom information.

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