Chat Reports

Chat Reports

Controlling operator chats is very important to ensure efficiency. Our system offers an exportable thorough chat report. The report contains information on all chats, summary information and efficiency parameters. All the data is available for at least one year. 

Available for plans

The chat report includes both the summary data for the selected time span and a detailed chat report. The report enables you to evaluate the number of chats of various types: full, missed and of various degrees of completeness (based on the number of messages).

Statistics per operator

The data per operator if no less importance. For each manager you can view the time spent online throughout the selected time span, the call reaction and message response time. All temporal parameters, such as reaction time, chat length and others, are given in the summary as three values: minimum, average and maximum. Also the summary shows the number of messages and their share in the overall number per each operator that went online in the selected time span.

Chat details

Detailed chats contain all messages by all participants. All the available information on the site visitor, including geographic data, contact details, link source and more, is given for each chat. Additionally, this section includes the list of all operators who participated in this chat.


The chat report can be filtered based on criteria such as city/country, chat originator, department, operator, link source, and more. Filtration allows you to obtain summaries only on the chats you are interested in. 

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April 17,2017
Chat System Messages

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July 06,2016
Agent Reports

Detailed agent statistics is now available in Netrox SC live chat. A lot of information at your fingertips to reach the maximum agent performance.

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August 25,2015
Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika.

Refinement of integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika. Forwarding of data from the live chat system into popular website analysis systems.

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June 05,2014
Reports updated

Reports presentation redesigned and new functions added.
Now reports can be formed using various criteria.
New statistics information added.


+ reports redesigned
+ filters added (tyme, type, intitation, city, operator, department, source, request)
+ average contact duration for the period
+ overall number of operator messages for the period
+ overall number of operators for the period
+ operator call reaction time (min, max, avg)
+ operator contact time (min, max, avg)
+ number of chats with visitors without search query
+ "efficiency" and "share" parameters added
+ information on chat start time and last message time in chat for the operator
+ ability to hide headers and sending pages for each chat

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June 21,2012
A section on working with reports has been added to the manual

Instructions on working with the service reports have been added to the user manual

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June 15,2012
The service has been updated. The report system is now reworked.

We are happy to announce that the Netrox SC live chat system has been updated once again.

The report system for all payment plans has been overhauled; that includes the Lite plan.

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