Agent Reports

Agent Reports

To help companies of all sizes get the most statistics and performance of their agents, Netrox SC enables them to generate detailed agent reports. Powerful analytics is the shortest way to improve the quality of service to your customers. A lot of performance indicators are provided in table and graphic views.

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Separate agent-report is available along with comparison tables of all chat agents. Select KPI's which correspond to your business the most and analyse it to improve agents performance.


Track your agents activity with detailed report for selected period of time. The information on total online time spent on serving visitors is available for each agent along with more precise breakdown in "Start date - End date" format.


The performance indicators such as visitor's wait time and agent's response time are of paramount importance. For maximum convenience we provide this information in several types. For each time KPI you can check maximum, minimum and the average values as well as breakdown of total number of chats in several time categories.

Visitor Satisfaction

The visitor satisfaction statistics allows you for figuring out the quality of service that your agents offer to website's visitors. The five-point scale breakdown is available along with average, minimum, and maximum values.

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April 17,2017
Chat System Messages

Want to know more about the behavior of site visitors and your agents in the chat? This cool function of Netrox SC is for you!

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July 06,2016
Agent Reports

Detailed agent statistics is now available in Netrox SC live chat. A lot of information at your fingertips to reach the maximum agent performance.

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August 25,2015
Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika.

Refinement of integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika. Forwarding of data from the live chat system into popular website analysis systems.

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June 05,2014
Reports updated

Reports presentation redesigned and new functions added.
Now reports can be formed using various criteria.
New statistics information added.


+ reports redesigned
+ filters added (tyme, type, intitation, city, operator, department, source, request)
+ average contact duration for the period
+ overall number of operator messages for the period
+ overall number of operators for the period
+ operator call reaction time (min, max, avg)
+ operator contact time (min, max, avg)
+ number of chats with visitors without search query
+ "efficiency" and "share" parameters added
+ information on chat start time and last message time in chat for the operator
+ ability to hide headers and sending pages for each chat

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June 21,2012
A section on working with reports has been added to the manual

Instructions on working with the service reports have been added to the user manual

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June 15,2012
The service has been updated. The report system is now reworked.

We are happy to announce that the Netrox SC live chat system has been updated once again.

The report system for all payment plans has been overhauled; that includes the Lite plan.

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