With Netrox SC you have the ability to control the live chat process on your website. Netrox SC provides you with detailed reports on both website visitors and your agents working in chat.

Load Reports

Information about the number of views of your site throughout the selected time span.

Chat Reports

Controlling operator chats is very important to ensure efficiency. Our system offers an exportable thorough chat report. The report contains information on all chats, summary information and efficiency parameters. All the data is available for at least one year. 

Agent Reports

To help companies of all sizes get the most statistics and performance of their agents, Netrox SC enables them to generate detailed agent reports. Powerful analytics is the shortest way to improve the quality of service to your customers. A lot of performance indicators are provided in table and graphic views.

Performance by hours

If you want to see a more thorough map of your managers' presence and activity, make use of the separate report function.

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