Netrox Live Chat Software

Live chat is a unique way to quickly and efficiently communicate with those site visitors that would not have contacted you had it not been for the live chat software installed on your website.

Netrox SC live chat widget. This is how the chat may look on a website

Live chat on your website is a tool that engages additional customers

This tool has a number of advantages compared to traditional means of communication. As opposed to a phone conversation, your manager can conduct several chats at once. To many people it is much easier to start a chat than to use their voice to talk.

In NETROX SC a dialogue can be started both by a visitor and an operator, the manager in your employ. A visitor can be sent a message at any time of his staying on the site and they will immediately receive the message.

Managers do not need to be distracted constantly sending out greeting messages. The software has a powerful automatic message system able to sent out messages on behalf the operator based on a multitude of adjustable criteria. Among them the search query, time spent on site or particular page, geographic data and many more.

How does live chat work

Chatting is done real-time directly on the page of your site the visitor is currently on.

After fast and simple installation, the chat widget will appear on your site's pages, through which your visitor will be able to conduct chats with your company managers.

Your managers -- the chat operators -- talk to the visitors through a special interface or a mobile application. The operators get access to detailed information on where the visitor came from, based on what search query, which city they are from, on what page they are, which pages they have viewed, and much more.

When none of the operators are online, the site features an offline form that can be used to post a question, leaving one's contact details. The managers will see such messages upon logging into the system, as well as in their email inbox.

Why the Netrox live chat?

  1. You get a 14-day trial. The trial version is free, full-fledged with no functional restrictions, and supports any number of users.
  2. Flexible settings. Adapt the live chat to your liking and get the maximum return on your investment.
  3. An expert support team. We will help you install and set up the solution even if you have no site support specialist.
  4. Stable operation. We are trusted by companies enjoying dense traffic and with high-end requirements.
  5. Updates and consulting. Use the chat service efficiently throughout the entire span of operation.