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Best choice for a personal site

only 1 seat
Unlimited websites
Unlimited number of websites/domain names with Netrox SC system code installed.
Unlimited chats
The total number of chats and the number of concurrent chats are unlimited
14-day Chat History
The whole chat history for every visitor is available for review for 14 days .
Manual invitations
The ability to invite any visitor to chat manually at any time.
Mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone
Core features
All necessary features for chatting without limitations
Widget customization without limitations


Optimized for small businesses

$ 9
per seat/month billed annually

$ 15  per seat billed monthly
Basic site management
Unlimited number of websites and website groups in separate chatting space. Only one group of sites to choose from.
Inter-agent chat features
Features for multiple agents cooperation
Unlimited Chat History
Unlimited instant access to chat history
Automatic actions
Ultimate automatic actions. Unlimited number of engagement scripts based on flexible filtering criteria settings.
Agent priority
Chat distribution queue with unlimited number of support lines.
Reports and Analytics
Chat and agent reports for comprehensive analytics.
Widget Unbranding
All widgets come without Netrox SC logo or backlink


Perfect for advanced companies

$ 14
per seat/month billed annually

$ 24  per seat billed monthly
Advanced site management
Site groups in the unified chat zone. Agents can select site groups to work with.
Operating Hours
The hours of operator presence on the site can be set by weekday.
Chat Tags
Additional fields and the agent's ability to customize them from the chat window are set by the system administrator. This function allows to enter any additional information about your site's visitors in the pre-made table fields.
Unite agents in departments
The same agent can have different chat nick names for different websites
Third-party integration
CRM, Helpdesk, ERP and any other third-party services integration.
Urgent technical support

When does the 14-day trial period countdown start?

The 14-day trial period starts directly after registering on our website. If you want to postpone the trial period for later or prolong it beyond 14 days, please contact the support team on our website. 

What is the 14-day trial period?

After registering you will obtain full access to all the Netrox functions for 14 days. During this time you can decide your payment plan and try out all the abilities the service offers on your website. No payment required.

What happens to my chat once the trial period ends?

Don't worry. When the trial period will be approaching its end, you will receive a notification about it in the system interface and the email inbox you specified during registration. If you did not select a commercial plan during the trial period, the live chat software will automatically switch to the free chat version. A number of functions will become off limits to you, but you will still be able to chat with your site visitors. No special action should be taken upon completion of the trial period.

Is the Lite plan completely free of charge?

Yes. Absolutely. You can still make the chat profitable while using the free tariff. Keep in mind, however, that a part of the functions that promote sales, will be unavailable to you. Aside from that, the free version is limited in site traffic (20000 page views/month by your site visitors). We hope that smaller companies, start-up businesses and personal sites that fit within the traffic limits, will be able to make real use of the live chat. You can also switch to a commercial plan at any moment.

Can I change my payment plan and how?

Yes! You can select either a less or a more functional payment plan, as well as add concurrent users/agents at any given moment.

Who are site agents and what does a concurrent user mean?

Website agents are your employees that consult the site visitors using the Netrox SC chat. Each employee has a personal record entry in the system. An agent's record entry can be attached both to your account and other accounts at the agent's discretion. However, only you, as the account Administrator, have access rights to the account. Additionally, you can assign access rights to various sites and system functions to operators within the framework of your account. Most importantly, we charge only for those agents who will simultaneously consult the visitors of your sites from the Netrox SC live chat zone. Such agents are called concurrent users (seats). This means that regardless of the payment plan and the number of paid licenses you can add in as much user account data as you need, free of charge!

Do you have special discounts for a large number of agents?

Yes. You can contact the managers on the website or call us. Special discounts begin starting with 10 concurrent users. Additionally you can explore the special Ultimate payment plan

What payment options are there?

We use PayPal to accept online order in a secure and reliable way. All major plastic cards are accepted. You do not require a PayPal account to purchase using your credit card.

Features comparison


Pricing parameters

Seat (concurrent agent)
The number of concurrent online agents.
Only 1
Paid number
Paid number
Monthly pricing. Save 40%
billed annually
Monthly price per 1 online (concurrent) agent when billed annually
$9 per seat/month
$14 per seat/month
Monthly pricing. Save 20%
billed every 6 months
Monthly price per 1 seat (concurrent agent) when billed every 6 months
$12 per seat/month
$19,2 per seat/month
Monthly pricing
billed monthly
$15 per seat/month
$24 per seat/month
Total number of user accounts
Websites/domain names
Number of allowed websites/domain names
Simultaneous chats
The number of concurrent chats with visitors.


Support during first-time installation
Remote installation and widget setup assistance.
Support via Email
Email us to and we'll reply to you ASAP.
Knowledge base
The regularly-updated Netrox SC system manual.
Support in chat
Realtime live chat support from Netrox SC specialists.

Core features

Chat history
All chat history on each website visitor is available for any time.
14 days
Visitor profile
Country, city, browser, platform, referrer, viewed pages and much more information on website visitors.
Filter visitors list for more precise work with target visitors.
Feature of viewing the message visitor is currently typing before it is sent.
Spelling check
browser's feature
Agent voice input
Google Chrome only
Agent photo
Agent's avatar pictures in chat widget.
File sending
Feature of transferring files from chat agent to a visitor
Emotion icons
Agent can use a fixed set of emotion icons in chat zone
Switchable automatic hyperlink detection in agent's messages and manul hyperlink insertion.
Custom Notes
Binding comments to visitors and/or their IP addresses.
Answering Machine
based on triggers
The answering machine will help the visitor to get a response if the agent is not available or does not have time to answer on their own.
Holding Chat Calls
based on triggers
Use the "Holding Chat Calls" function if your agents do not have time to respond to the visitor at the scheduled time.

For mobile devices

Chat widget appearance and settings

Widget CSS customization
You can customize the look of your chat window and modify its functions using CSS.
Multi-language Widget
You can choose any preferred widget language at Netrox SC settings.
Chat nickname
Setting up agent's chat nickname which is different from the real name of the operator specified in personal profile.
Visitor voice input
Google Chrome only
The "Operator is typing" indicator
Chat clearing
For privacy purposes visitor can be provided with chat clearing tool. Chat history is cleared only for visitor-side display and remains unchanged inside the live chat software.
Exporting/importing of the chat widget themes
Export and import of chat widgets created in visual layout kit
Colors, dimensions, inscriptions, widget positioning and so on.
Colors, dimensions, inscriptions, widget positioning and other parameters can be easily changed in visual layout kit.
Sending of chat to email
Visitor can send the chat history to his email address from the widget
Visitor sound notification
Header with company logo
Special bar for logo of your company in chat widget. Can be switched off.
Default avatar visible in widget before agents join the chat
Quick language switching
Quick switching of widget inscriptions language.
Widget Unbranding
Widgets without Netrox SC logo and backlink.
Online widget hidden mode
Widgets can be set up to be visible only if agent or automatic action has sent the message.

Reports and analytics

Exporting into file
Export report to .csv or .xml files

Feedback offline form

Offline message processing
Managers can reply to offline messages via email or from the agent's chat zone. Offline messages can also be viewed in the separate interface section.
Offline messages to Email
Offline messages are duplicated to provided Email address.
Custom Offline Form
Each one of the offline widget input fields can be set required. In this case visitor will not be able to send his messages without providing required information.
Customizable alerts
All alerts and notifications appearing in Netrox SC widget can be set up.
Hide widget when offline
If you don't need the offline form it can be disabled.
Lead Generator
based on triggers
Imitation to write agent messages. Automatic invitation based on triggers when agents are offline. Offline triggers are a great way to target high value leads.

Access rights and protection

Temporary visitor blocking
Cookies based visitor blocking.
HTTPS protocol support
Trusted Domains
To protect your Live Chat tracking code from being added to unauthorized websites
Access Restriction
You can restrict access to your LiveChat to a limited number of IPs.

Multiple websites and agents

Unlimited websites/domains
Adding Netrox SC widget to unlimited number of websites
Website groups and basic site management
Unlimited number of websites and website groups in separate chatting space. Only one group of sites to choose from. For more flexible control of agents presence on your sites use the Pro version powered by Advanced Website Management function.
Agent priority
Inviting agents to chat
Invite another agent to a chat to provide cooperative visitor service
Transfer chats beetwen agents
Transfer chats beetwen departments
Advanced site management
Working with a selected groups of websites from a unified chat zone. Agents can select site groups to work with.
One agent can have different names for different sites simultaneously


Javascript API
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