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July 04,2014
New chat widgets

New chat widgets have been released.

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Category: Customization
June 05,2014
Reports updated

Reports presentation redesigned and new functions added.
Now reports can be formed using various criteria.
New statistics information added.


+ reports redesigned
+ filters added (tyme, type, intitation, city, operator, department, source, request)
+ average contact duration for the period
+ overall number of operator messages for the period
+ overall number of operators for the period
+ operator call reaction time (min, max, avg)
+ operator contact time (min, max, avg)
+ number of chats with visitors without search query
+ "efficiency" and "share" parameters added
+ information on chat start time and last message time in chat for the operator
+ ability to hide headers and sending pages for each chat

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Category: Analytics
May 12,2014
Update for the Android mobile application

A new 1.07 update for the NETROX SC live chat software is available on Google Play The version's main feature is the application's new ability to work in background mode and receive notifications.
Now you will not miss a message from a visitor even if you are working with another Android application on your mobile phone.

Visitor chat widget

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Category: Mobile, Android
May 05,2014
Live chat for the 1C-BITRIX CMS users

Since today all users of the 1C-BITRIX CMS can install our live chat system directly from 
their own profile on the 1C-BITRIX website

Direct link to our module

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May 01,2014
Live chat interface update

Throughout 2014 we will be implementing the new Netrox SC system interface. As of today, a number of the live chat software pages have been renewed and new functions introduced.

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Category: Features
April 25,2014
Mobile application for Windows 8

The first ever live chat application optimized for the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 tablets is now available from the Windows Store

Download from Windows Store

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Category: Windows, Mobile
April 22,2014
Mobile application for Windows Phone

A mobile application for Windows Phone is out.

A free mobile application for operators is now available on the Windows Phone platform.
The first version of the app can be downloaded from the Windows Store

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April 01,2014
A beta version of the Android mobile application is out

A beta version of the Android mobile application is out.
The application is available on Google Play

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Category: Mobile, Android
January 31,2014
Capability enhancement for the Netrox SC API

New API extension. Now users and websites can be created and deleted through the API.

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Category: API, Integration
October 18,2013
API for CRM systems integration

There is an API available for sending information about the chats into CRM systems or other third-party systems.

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Category: API, CRM, Integration

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