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June 26,2015
amoCRM integration

The Netrox SC live chat software can be easily coupled with amoCRM using the remote system integration function.

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Category: CRM, Integration
June 10,2015
Copying and exporting/importing of the chat widget themes

The chat widget theme settings page has been updated! The page has become more concise and we added several useful functions that allow transferring themes from website to website much faster and in a more convenient way.

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May 05,2015
New function: Integration with CRM, Helpdesk and other remote systems.

There is a new powerful function now available in our live chat system! Having previously set up integration with any third-party system in the live chat interface, you can send all information on a chat with one left click or completely automatically.

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April 17,2015
Amiro CMS module

The Amiro CMS users now have a native module for our live chat software.

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April 03,2015
Contact available

An article on effectiveness of use of the Netrox live chat software at the new Microsoft portal.

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Category: Company
February 27,2015
Visitor field editor

A step toward full-scale integration with third-party systems. One of the most important advantages of the Netrox live chat software is its unsurpassed capabilities in fine-tuning the system. That includes full control of the design layout and behavior of the visitor's chat widget, the open API and flexible assignment of site access rights, the system user roles, the distribution of calls with account for the support line priorities and the recently introduced function of the site operator work schedule.

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December 17,2014
New chat zone

The new chat zone is available for testing. Many new abilities and fixes.

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Category: Features
December 16,2014
Operator work schedule and operator priority

We have implemented two useful functions in our chat.

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Category: Features, Pro
December 04,2014
New logo

We have changed the Netrox logo. It is now modernized, simpler and more succinct.

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Category: Company
September 18,2014
iOS application

A new mobile operator application is out for iOS-based smartphones and tablet computers.

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Category: Mobile, iPhone

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