Improved the integration with third-party systems

There was an additional opportunity to initiate a request from a live chat to the remote third-party system by the agent inputs the event to chat, and replenished the list of system variables are available for use in forming queries.

In addition to the already implemented three events to send data to a remote system (enter the chat zone, closing a chat, by button), there was one more. Now you can make requests automatically when you open the chat. In tandem with the event closing it allows more accurately track the time of your stay in the chat in the external system, and make other calculations necessary to you, tracking the data change at the entrance and at the end of the chat.
We have also expanded the list of system variables to be sent to remote third-party systems, such as CRM, Helpdesk, etc.

Among the added variables:

1. The unique identifier of chat (in addition to the already present visitor ID) that uniquely identifies the current chat session.
2. The ability to transfer the listing of chat in any of the four formats: text, HTML, XML, JSON
3. And the ability to transfer the list of agents participating in the chat in two additional formats: XML, JSON

January 12,2016