Offer for web studios

We are inviting web studios to cooperate. New service for our customers

Netrox is currently introducing a partnership program. You can connect your customers to the live chat system and receive a high percentage of the subscription payment throughout the entire span of the partnership agreement.

Become a partner

Why we are the best solution for web studios?

  1. We have taken care to make the work of web masters as convenient as possible, and developed a technology allowing to minimize labor costs when integrating our chat into a unique website design All manipulations with the widget are performed in the system interface and are immediately visible in the preview window.
  2. Any window parameters are adjustable: dimensions, color, fonts, information input fields, chat layout, the invitation and header text, dynamic photos of the operators, logos, placement of the widget window on the site, and much more. All of this without replacing code on the site.
  3. Chat widget themes allow for creating a large number of windows quickly and placing different windows on different site pages and adjusting their layouts throughout the stock period of the site's customer company. You can easily and promptly offer your customers different renderings of the live chat widget. The customers will surely appreciate your efficient response.
  4. Our system has a special interface for uploading personal code without any limitations, and also features a documented API for web designers with use-cases for exclusive window layouts.

And that is not all of it...

You can easily connect different sites of the same customer and conveniently manipulate connections and access rights. The account system will help you tweak the system and deliver it to the customer fully prepared.

Last but not least

We have a free version operating on our servers. If you customer can deal with some limitations found in the «Lite» tariff, you can welcome to try it. If you are interested, just fill in the partner application form on our site and we will definitely contact you.

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