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We are inviting call centers to cooperate. New consultation channel. High efficiency.

In your business you can use an additional channel for providing consulting services. In addition to phones and electronic mail, try the live website chat service if you have not yet. It entails favorable terms and a new highly effective service for your customers. If you are interested, simply fill in the partnership application on our website and we will definitely get back to you.

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Reasons Netrox SC will make your call center operator's work more effective

  1. «Hot switching» between sites allows the call center operator to serve several different customers from the unified live chat window, quickly switching between sites
  2. The web interface, executed based on offline application standards, enables the operator to quickly adapt to the system. The lack of bright elements that are characteristic of web applications allow for working within the system for many hours without strain
  3. The system does not require constant updates on the call center operator computers All modifications are implemented on our servers
  4. The system has the option for displaying real first and last names to the call center employees and pseudonyms to the consulting site visitors
  5. Powerful abilities for redirecting, inviting and connecting other operators to the visitor chat A call may be redirected with two left-clicks
  6. An adjustable personal and common template data base for quick responses to visitors, based on call center scenarios
  7. Pop-up notifications and sound alerts without installing additional tray notifiers»
  8. An account system allowing easy connection of new operators with assignment of access rights to different sites
  9. A disableable auto-censor allowing for automatic blocking of obscene language that may be insulting to your operators
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